The Open Space Committe of Taiwan,Open Space Institutes around the world International Open Space Practitioners and Colleagues invite you to Taipei,Taiwan.

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* financial aid, home stays and other resources:

If you are unable to afford full price, please list on your registration the highest amount you are able to afford. We will contact you to discuss possible discounts and support.

Look at the list of accommodations to see if there are locations you can afford. Remember that sharing an accommodation cuts the price (except for the hostel) in half. Many hotels have two large beds so 4 good friends could stay together; also ask about the cost of each additional person.

Taking the bus rather than a taxi into Taipei from the CKS (Taoyuan) International airport. The bus/taxi combination is less expensive - NT135 for the bus and then NT$3-500 to your hotel. A Taxi direct to the Tien Mou International Convention Center (and to most hotels in the area) is about NT$1300 to NT$1500 (US$40-45).

Remember to include in your budget some pocket money—for breakfast snacks, dinner out or souvenir from Taiwan.

If you are coming from another country you will want to change currency at the airport (they charge a reasonable fee—a percentage—and it is a safe location to do so).

See this link for Ideas for Raising Money for yourself and others.

Prepare a budget and list what you are seeking support for. Include in that budget a list of items and costs for air and ground transport, accommodation, extra food for each day, and pocket money. This will be very useful when contacting your local businesses or communities or requesting funds from an agency. Realize that most official funding agencies have very specific requirements and criteria and may or may not fund individuals—look at their information carefully before you apply and give careful thought to the best way to write your information in response to their requirements.

It is very unlikely that anyone will give you full funding—funders like to know that you are raising your own funds and seeking funding from multiple sources, as well.

If you are in a region where there is an Open Space Institute, you may wish to contact them to see if they know of any local funding opportunities.

The Open Space Institute USA may have some partial funding available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please read their funding criteria well to see if you qualify and to write your request.

Contact the Access Queen to discuss your needs and resources. She is not a funding source but she will help you to think out your needs and requests.

Pack into your suitcase some lovely artisan work or non-perishable food from your country or community or items you have made—you will have the opportunity to sell these at the WOSonOS to raise money for some of your expenses at the Global Village Marketplace tables. You can do this and/or raise money for the Access Queen project to help next year's "Askers".